The Help Side

20. The Help Side - Tom Wickham - Part B

December 3, 2020

#TheHelpSide welcome back to Part B of this two-part Help Side episode with Tom Wickham. So far, TJ has taken us through the early part of his mission to play for the Kookaburras, from Alice Springs to country South Australia to Adelaide and finally to Perth. This next part is about TJ’s non-linear journey to where he is today, with over 50 games for Australia, a Commonwealth Games Gold Medal and his newfound role in the Kookaburras. Despite his achievements to date, there was a long hiatus between donning the green and gold for the 1st time in 2013, and his first selection in the national squad in 2017. This is a story about resilience, determination and unwavering focus. Enjoy.

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