The Help Side

20. The Help Side - Tom Wickham - Part A

December 3, 2020

#TheHelpSide Our guest this week is current Kookaburra Squad member, Tom Wickham. The Help Side sat down with TJ at his home in Perth over an expertly made cup of coffee, and we chewed the fat for an hour and a half or so about his journey from outback Australia to the bright lights of international hockey. What you’re about to hear is the narrative of Tom’s life and all the twists and turns which have taken him to be a regular fixture in the Kookaburras. 

In TJ’s own words, at a dozen different stages in his life, his path could have taken him a very different way, and hockey has been the constant that’s kept him on the path towards achieving his dreams. Tom talks about his unfaltering dedication to his ‘mission’ and the highs and lows of the journey towards sporting excellence. TJ’s journey is anything but smooth, and if you’re after a story of utter resilience and determination, this is for you. Please enjoy The Help Side of, Tom Wickham.

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