The Help Side

18. The Help Side - Nathan Eglington - Part A

October 21, 2020

#TheHelpSide Our guest this week is former Kookaburra and ex Kookaburra Assistant Coach Nathan Eglington. ‘Eggy’, as he’s known, has an incredibly unique story built on equal parts success and hardship. Before being forced into retirement at just 27 after suffering a horrific injury on the training pitch, Eg amassed 140 games, 50 goals and an Olympic Gold medal. Known as one of the most damaging ball runners to ever play for the Kookaburras. But as Eggy will tell you, what he achieved on the hockey pitch takes rather a back seat compared to some of the things he’s overcome and managed throughout his life. 

Over the next two episodes, Eglington takes us on a journey. From the pain of losing his mother as a child to the Athens Gold, Olympic Village shenanigans, being a Guinness world record holder and life as a father to a very special family, Eg interweaves some absolutely cracking stories into his yarn that had me in stitches and by the end, I’m sure you’ll agree that this one has everything. Please enjoy The Help Side of Nathan Eglington.

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