The Help Side

16. The Help Side - Jane Claxton - Part B

September 2, 2020
#TheHelpSide We're delighted to have Hockeyroos midfielder, Jane Claxton, on the show. Now Jane comes from some pretty good stock…listeners of the show and followers of hockey in Australia might recognise the name ‘Claxton’ from this year's class of Hockey Australia Life Member inductees, her father Bob being awarded the honour as recognition of a lifetime of service to hockey. 
Jane takes us on her voyage from coming up through the ranks in Adelaide to what it’s really like to represent your country, including some elements that people don’t often talk about. With the highs of playing for your country, come inevitable lows and hard times that don’t always make the front page, but remain part and parcel of the gig and Jane openly shares her story of navigating the pitfalls of elite sport. One aspect of international sport, is the joy of travelling the world and with this, comes a ‘roomie’, and Jane reveals that she might not be the top of everyone's ‘most desirable roomie’ list. Jane is smart, articulate, and the embodiment of an elite athlete. Please enjoy, The Help Side of, Jane Claxton. 

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