The Help Side

15. The Help Side - Bob Proctor - Part A

August 19, 2020

#TheHelpSide Today we’re going back in time, to a time where things were done a little differently. Today’s guest is former Australian Goal Keeper, Bob Proctor. Now by ‘former’, I mean Bob won a silver medal at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games. Bob finished his career with 40 caps across 2 world cups and the aforementioned Olympic Games and has since become one of Sydney’s most successful coaches, coaching numerous teams to several premierships as well as coaching the NSW Australian Hockey League side for a number of years. 

Bob played in a time where the international hockey landscape was completely different and has some of the best yarns in the business. He’s a magnificent storyteller and I can tell you that the time we spent chatting in Bob’s backyard over some nuts and a tea were some of the quickest minutes of my life. From being the first Australian team to play on Astroturf to abandoning a match mid-game in Pakistan and all the on-tour antics in between, it’s a little different this week, but truly absorbing. I hope you enjoy The Help Side of Bob Proctor.

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