The Help Side

13. The Help Side - Moritz Fürste - Part B

August 5, 2020

#TheHelpSide Today’s interview is with dual Olympic Gold Medallist and 2012 FIH World Player of the Year, Ex-German International Moritz Fürste. In the decade before his retirement in 2016, few players on the international circuit commanded as much influence on a game than Mo. As regular listeners to the podcast would know, he’s a popular answer for many when they list the best player they have ever played against. Whether it be scoring penalty corners, breaking the game open through the midfield, penetrating opposition defence with his pass or simply imposing his presence with his voice, he was one of those players who you were just constantly aware of. 

Over the two parts of this interview, Mo offers incredible insight into the culture of German hockey and what makes it unique. Mo’s take on sports psychology and his approach to leadership and Olympic Success are as interesting as they are powerful, and you won’t want to miss them. In this Episode, Part B of the interview,  Mo opens up about growing up in Germany, which included brushing shoulders with some pretty famous sportspeople. From there we talk injuries, leadership and retirement. Please enjoy The Help Side of, Moritz Fürste.

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